The Sunshine Recovery Café is open to adult residents of South West London (18+) who perceive themselves, or are at risk of moving into mental health crisis. It offers a constructive and non-clinical alternative to A&E or admission to hospital

The café offers a welcoming, safe, friendly and non-stigmatising environment.  Our members of staff support customers to help them discuss the nature of their crisis, identify the triggers to it, and to help them identify strengths and coping skills they might use to reduce their distress in order to successfully manage their own situations in the future

We offer a variety of emotional support, resilience building, recreation and leisure activities, peer-led support, signposting to partner agencies, risk assessment, and opportunities including complementary therapies, healthy eating sessions, Yoga, separate women and men's peer support groups, art therapy, Goals for the Week group and many others.



Funded by South West London and St Georges Mental Health NHS Trust

How to access the café?

Our customers can self-refer to the Sunshine Recovery Café. South West London and St Georges’ NHS Mental Health Trust and local agencies may also signpost customers to the café.


  • Non-South West London residents. This will not mean a refusal of entry, but will mean offering of short term support and signposting back to appropriate local Services
  • Adults with dementia
  • Children or adolescents
  • People exhibiting violent or aggressive behaviour
  • People under the influence of drugs/ alcohol



07944 506 036

We have set up a 24 hour helpline that will allow CDARS clients to  access crisis support out of our typical hours 7 days a week. This will be operated by various staff members. 


Where to find us

The café is based within EngageMerton (which is run by CDARS) premises:

296a Kingston Road
SW20 8LX

tel. 07908 436 617

Buses 163, 164, 152, K5, opposite Wimbledon Chase Main Line Station 

Opening hours

The café is open every day of the year.

Monday to Friday: 6pm to 11pm

Weekends and bank holidays: 12pm to 11pm


Further Support